Architettura Sonora

The Natural Shape of Sound

Every module is designed to fit the widest array of uses, whether working as a single unit to enhance the atmosphere of a space, or with an array of other modules to fill a space of any size with reference quality sound.  This "sonorization" of a space is what gives Architettura Sonora its name, and must be experienced to be understood. 


Large granite-like construction, the use of aerospace metals and manufacturing techniques, this American manufacturer produced some of the most passionate high-end audio equipment made. Named after the town they are manufactured in, this company has produced beautifully strong electronics.


Hand-made in Berlin, Burmester quality is unquestionably high. They manufacture the some of the most beautifully detailed and great sounding high-fidelity audio equipment in the world (loudspeakers & electronics).


Since 1973 High quality control system hardware. One's interface may be their Apple iPhone , iPad, a PC, or single brand solution ; no matter the device in a client's hands, Crestron is the "glue" that makes it all easy to use. If a consumer wants quality, scalability, longevity, one looks no farther than Crestron. Additionally, being that we do all programming "in-house" and do not depend on subcontractors, we can design an engineer beautifully elegant solutions, and execute the installations in a quality fashion.

Digital Projection

Emmy Award winning picture quality. Additionally, they offer wide range of quality projectors. From 1,000- 40,000 ANSI-lumens, residential to commercial applications, they manufacture the perfect product for your application.


For almost 40 years, Dynaudio has manufactured loudspeakers that warmth and accuracy have outpaced all the competition in the mid to mid-high end market. Additionally, they also offer something that few speaker manufacturers' have ever offered, they not only build their own cabinets and crossovers, but they manufacturer all their own speakers. The design and manufacture of all the acoustic motor systems, from tweeter to woofer, is all done in-house by this Danish firm.

Lab Grüppen

Professional amplification, period. With a wide range of products, and a Swedish build quality, many of our clients have grown to love the bullet-proof nature of these amplifiers.


Quality product with leading-edge design since 1925. Their class-A amplification stages are beautifully quiet and devastatingly dynamic. Most of their line is manufactured by hand in Japan. v

Martin Logan

The movement of air to produce sound is a craft: Part technical, part lessons learned. Martin Logan has not only pioneered the use of electrostatic panels, put has endlessly worked to "fine-tune" their design. They are truly designed for great music reproduction.

Plinius Audio

Handmade in New Zealand

Listening to High Fidelity reproduction of music can give you a lift or soothe and relax you depending on your needs.

Can you afford to miss out on this experience by listening to your favorite music on anything but the best system? We don't think you should have to and Plinius solutions get you into true High Fidelity listening.


SunBrite All-Weather TV

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, completely weatherproof and features tempered glass shield to protect the screen in active environments. SunBriteTV has three district series, each designed to bring crystal-clear picture (even 4K) to a specific outdoor environment.  Choose an outdoor-safe TV crafted to handle the worst of Mother Nature.  



This Swiss company was founded at the turn of the 20th century (1889).   In the Swiss tradition, they manufacturer high quality audio products, of which they were a creator and pioneer of much of the technology.    Personal note : I love their turntables!  They manufacturer many different levels of phono decks.  Each offering an accessible level of performance and a great value.



Quebec manufacturer of highly detailed loudspeakers.  Famous for there unquestionable build & sound quality, and the manufacturer of beautiful product.    From their furniture grade high-gloss wood finishes, to many custom colors as an Aston Martin automobile, no matter ones taste, they can match your decor and provide you fabulous sound.

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