Design & Consultation

Whether building a new home or building your home theater, planning is necessary to make sure you get the right gear, the right space allocation, the right wiring and the right acoustical treatment. Let us walk you through this process and offer our expertise in helping you build your perfect system.


Home Automation

Save energy, eliminate wall clutter, add ease of use, increase safety and stay informed by combining the functions of lighting, audio-video, climate, shading & drapery, security and pool-spa controls into an attractive and intuitive handheld and/or in-wall touchscreen control. Optionally,  you may control your home or office through custom apps on iPhone, iPad, android or any web-connected computer.


Listening Systems

2-Channel, turntables, amplification & whole house audio; Let us help you experience your music like you’ve never heard it before. We can design systems in any price range to help you hear what the artists intended you to hear.

Detail, quality and value - you’ll hear the difference in our designs and applications.


Dedicated Home Theater & Media Rooms

Most people love the experience of going to a movie theater to catch the latest new release, or to a sports bar to watch the biggest games. Let us bring this experience to your home!  We specialize in mid to high-level home theater and media room designs and we will work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the entertainment room of your dreams!


Lighting Control Systems

Simple keypads eliminate unsightly and inefficient multiple gangs of light switches & dimmers.

Add convenience, ambiance, safety, and energy savings. Create custom lighting scenes for a variety of occasions.

Shading & Drapery

Comfort & Convenience

Imagine opening or closing an entire wall of window treatments at the touch of a button.  Presets can ensure the perfect amount of light is allowed in throughout the day, creating rooms that are always cool, comfortable and bright as you want them to be.  One touch, from within your home or office or away from from it, can recall the perfect lighting schemes for entertaining, relaxing, reading, watching TV or shutting everything off just before bed. 


Commercial Office & Boardrooms

The ease of use and integrated technology in a boardroom can make a huge impression on your clients and coworkers. Let us design and build the perfect pitch room!




We all know that technology moves at the speed of…well… technology. With Ultra HD and 4K knocking on our doors, we can help explain everything about this exciting and amazing new way to watch TV and movies. We can also help design a system that is cutting edge so that you get the best picture quality possible!

@AAT Installation, Programming & Service

24/7 support. A dedicated service team that is on call to ensure that your service needs are handled as soon as possible. We want to ensure you enjoy your system with minimal or no downtime. We also offer proactive service monitoring so we know when something is not working properly before you do.

Warranty or out-of-warranty service repairs to your hardware if it were to fail, we offer loaner gear programs as well. Your system will remain up and running without any notice that you have items out for service.


Turntables, Headphones & Accessories

Turntables and vinyl are growing at a ‘record’ pace and for good reason. It sounds incredible and gives users an experience that no other entertainment can. We have the gear to set you up with the best there is to offer in analog audio.

If you prefer a more private listening experience, we have a wide selection of high-quality, audiophile-grade headphones and accessories to let you get lost  in your very own music world.


Damage Assistance

We know that equipment damage due to an electrical or flooding event can be extremely frustrating and taxing to deal with. Let us take the load off. We can help from initial and continued communication with your insurance company, to procurement and installation of your replacement gear.

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